WHC Bylaws

World History Center

(Revised as of November 23, 2016)

The World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh supports research, teaching, and international 
collaboration on the global past, with attention to policies for the global future.

Definition and Affiliations of the Center

  1. The World History Center is an academic center for research, teaching, and international collaboration on the global past. The Center was formed in 2008 within the University of Pittsburgh Department of History, and is subject to its administration and its Bylaws. As such it forms part of the School of Arts & Sciences and is also governed by its statutes and policies.
  2. The Center maintains a close affiliation with the Global Studies Center and with the University Center for International Studies. 
  3. The Center maintains affiliations with the World History Network, NOGWHISTO (the Network of Global and World History Organizations and its affiliates), and the international Global Studies Consortium.

Members, Affiliates, and Associates of the Center:  

  1. Members of the Center consist of four groups:
    • Faculty Affiliates and Staff Affiliates, members of the faculty and staff at the University of Pittsburgh, who request recognition as members
    • Graduate students at the University ofPittsburgh who request recognition as members 
    • Postdoctoral fellows associated with Center activities
    • Staff members of the Center, both permanent and project staff
  2.  Affiliated Scholars of the Center include visiting scholars and research associates appointed for a term by the Director.
  3.  Associates of the Center include those beyond the university who request recognition and are approved by the Advisory Board.

Officers and Staff

  1. The Director is a tenured member of the Department of History, nominated by the department and appointed by the Dean of the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences to serve for a term of four years, renewable. 
  2. The Associate Director is a tenured or tenure-track member of the Department of History, nominated by the Department of History and appointed by the Dean of the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences to serve for a term of four years, renewable.
  3. When the Director orAssociate Director is unable to serve because of leave, resignation, or illness, an Interim Director or Interim Associate Director will benominated by the Department of History (from among tenured members of the Department) and appointed by the Dean to serve for up to two years.
  4. Responsibilities of the Director focus on overall Center leadership, the Center’s research activities, and extra-departmental relations. In Center leadership, the Director serves as chair of the Advisory Board, directs Center finances, and appoints ad hoc committees for personnel appointments and other tasks. In research, the Director oversees Center activities and websites in research. In extra-departmental relations, the Director collaborates with the Global Studies Center and other university bodies, as well as maintaining relations with NOGWHISTO, the Alliance for Learning in World History, and other units beyond the university.
  5. Responsibilities of the Associate Director focus on the Center’s curricular work and intra-departmental relations. The Associate Director coordinates Center participation in the graduate and undergraduate Programs of Study,coordinates seminars, conference arrangements, and other center events, and directs the Center website.
  6. Postdoctoral Fellows, supported by the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences or by external funding, are to be appointed by the Dean after nomination by ad hoc committees named by the Director. The Postdoctoral Fellows will perform research and teaching relating to world history for specified terms as given in individual appointment letters.
  7. The Administrator of the Center, employed under university procedures for staff, directs implementation of the Center’s administrative tasks in cooperation with the Director and Associate Director. Additional Center staff appointed under grants will report to the Director of the Center.
  8. The Director will submit an annualreport on Center activities at the end of each calendar year to the dean and department chair, and publish it on the Center website.

Governing Bodies

  1. The Advisory Board consists of nine faculty members, as follows: the Center Director, the Associate Director, the Director of the Global Studies Center, the Chair of the Department of History, the directors of graduate and undergraduate studies of the Department of History, one elected member from the History Department faculty (elected each year by History Department faculty for a term of one year), and two other Faculty Affiliates of the Center appointed by the Director for alternating terms of three years. 
  2. The Advisory Board holds regular meetings twice a year, in the spring and fall semester. The Director may call additional meetings as needed.
  3. Scope of responsibility of the Advisory Board includes review of Center activities and finances, approval of grant proposals originating within the Center, and establishment of research projects.
  4. The Advisory Board may establish a Board of Visitors, consisting of distinguished scholars, to meet at the discretion of the Advisory Board and review Center priorities.
  5. Members of the Advisory Board will serve on ad hoc committees as appointed by the Director.
  6. The Awards Committee, consisting of the Associate Director and two Faculty Affiliates appointed by the Director, selects the winning applicants for Center research and travel grants.

Research and Professional Development Projects

  1. The Center Advisory Board may establish research and professional development projects within the World History Center. These projects may establish their own governing structures and apply for external funding, with the approval of the Advisory Board.
  2. Each project group will provide a report on its activities in each calendar year, to become part of the overall Center Annual Report.


  1. These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of 6 Advisory Board members at a regular spring or fall meeting, or by mail ballot.