The WHC enthusiastically supports the undergraduate and graduate curricula of the Department of History. The Center also serves as the headquarters for the Alliance for Learning in World History.

The Center offers a digital history internship for undergraduate students. For graduate students, we offer research and travel funding, an Assistantship in Public History, a fellowship in World History, and the Teaching World History Credential.  

Alliance for Learning in World History

The Alliance for Learning in World History (ALWH) is a collaboration of educators and history scholars organized to advance the teaching and learning of world history in classrooms—in the U.S. and globally.  ALWH links leading practitioners in world history scholarship, curriculum, teacher preparation, professional development, and educational research. 

Undergraduate Internship Program

The WHC offers an Undergraduate Internship Program called the Digital Atlas Design Internship which focused on training in digital history.  This internship permits students to practice digital history, complete digital publications, and perform independent research. As it grows and persists, final research projects will produce a world historical map of engaging projects. 

Graduate Student Assistants

The World History Center funds a one semester Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) position in Public History each academic year. The program is open to any Pitt graduate student with an interest in world history and creating a public-facing project with the goal of communicating with a non-academic audience about a topic in the transregional or global past. 

Teaching World History Credential  

Graduate students in the History Department may pursue a credential in Teaching World History as part of their professionalization portfolio, which recognizes Pitt graduate students who have completed World History coursework, developed World History curricula, and taught World History courses. 

Graduate Study in World History

The University of Pittsburgh's History Department is an excellent destination for graduate students interested in World History. Learn more about Pitt's History Department and how the Center supports graduate students!