Funding Support and Sponsorship

The World History Center funds students, scholars, and centers engaged in a range of activities related to world history.  We work closely with you as you plan and publicize your activities and as you document your success.

Research and Travel Funding Support

The WHC earmarks funding for graduate students and faculty members (including both tenure-stream and non-tenure-stream) to reimburse eligible costs for attending conferences or conducting research. We welcome applicants from all disciplines.  We hold calls for proposals during the fall and spring terms for graduate students and during the spring term for faculty.  We will specify the amount to be awarded at that time.  Please click here for a list of past award winners. 

The Fall term call for graduate student proposals will be announced in mid-October.  Please check back to our website or join our mailing list to stay informed of funding opportunities from the WHC.    

Event and Research Activity Sponsorship

The WHC offers financial and logistical support for events and research activities at Pitt. We welcome opportunities to co-sponsor talks or events on campus that align with our mission and research priorities.  We will evaluate requests for modest funding for events that focus on historical connections at the transregional or global scale.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and we encourage applications early in the academic year. Requests for support should be sent to and should briefly explain the event’s intellectual connection to the WHC's mission and priorities, as well as its anticipated audience and impact.  Also, please include the proposed schedule for the event and the amount of funding requested so the WHC can better understand your needs and how the funding would be used.

Please plan to send a brief report to the WHC after the conclusion of your co-sponsored event.

Working Groups

The WHC hosts Working Groups that consist of faculty and graduate students who explore a shared theme of interest related to the global past. Each group receives funding for regular meetings, access to Center facilities, official recognition through the Center, and space on the Center website to publicize activities and disseminate results.  Last year's Working Group on Spatial History met twice a month in the WHC and focused on incorporating digital methods in research involving spatial history.  For the current academic year, the WHC is proud to introduce Mapping Religious Pittsburgh, a group that will work to create an online exhibition that will highlight, map, and analyze sites and objects related to religious life in the Pittsburgh region.

Academic Appointments

The Center supports a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital History, a Graduate Fellow in World History, and a Graduate Student Assistant in Public History.   

The WHC offers Center affiliation to select scholars and researchers who may hold positions as Research Associates (RA) or Visiting Scholars (VS).  Although these positions are official University of Pittsburgh appointments, they exist outside of any tenure stream and they do not carry any funding or salary obligations by Pitt or the WHC.  They are generally unpaid appointments for a specific time period during which the visitor receives a sponsored University account for email, network access, and library privileges.

For individuals seeking affiliation as an RA or VS, the Center requires the following application materials in order to be considered:

  • A letter detailing the scope and focus of their research, an explanation on how it relates to transregional or global history, and a statement on how the WHC, and Pitt more broadly, can help them achieve their goals.  
  • A current CV
  • Letters of recommendation from a Pitt faculty/researcher and a letter from a non-Pitt faculty/researcher
  • Evidence of funding support for their time in Pittsburgh or expenses related to their research.

These materials can be submitted to at any time.  

Affiliated Reasearch Associates and Visiting Scholars are expected to attend Center functions whenever possible, provide a photo and bio for posting to our website, and they agree to write up a report about their research activities once their appointment has ended.  For more information about the RA and VS programs, please contact  

Graduate Student Symposium

The World History Center sponsors a Graduate Student Symposium each year by providing funding and logistical support for graduate students in the Department of History to organize, plan, and run a conference or symposium focused on a topic of their choosing.  This past year's Symposium was titled Globalizing World History and was held on August 23rd and 24th at the Humanities Center. 

A call for proposals for next years Symposium will be sent out later this year.