Funding Support and Sponsorship

The World History Center provides both short-term and long-term funding for students and scholars researching the global past. The Center supports a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital World History, a Graduate Fellow in World History, and a Graduate Student Assistant in Public History. All three academic appointees conduct research about a chosen topic in the global past for at least a semester. The Center also offers Center affiliation to select scholars and researchers who may hold positions as Research Associates (RA) or Visiting Scholars (VS). In addition to long term appointments, the Center also offers short-term research funding support to faculty and graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh conducting research related to the global past. To encourage collaborative research, the Center supports working groups that consist of faculty and graduate students who explore a shared theme of interest related to the global past. Each group receives funding for regular meetings, access to Center facilities, official recognition through the Center, and space on the Center website to publicize activities and disseminate results.

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