World History Center Research Funding - Past Awardees

Between the years of 2009-2016, the Center awarded small research fellowships for study in World History to one faculty member and one graduate student.  Below is a list of past winners.  

Awardees for 2016:

  • Faculty: Mrinalini Rajagopalan
  • Graduate Student: Bennett Sherry

Awardees for 2015:

  • Faculty: Pernille Roege
  • Graduate Student: Alexandra Mountain

Awardees for 2014:

  • Faculty: Melanie Hughes and Jackie Smith (joint proposal)
  • Graduate Student: John Galante

Awardees for 2013:

  • Faculty: Peter Karsten
  • Graduate Student: Andrew Behrendt
  • Graduate Student: Katie Parker
  • Graduate Student: Yevan Terrien

Awardees for 2012:

  • Graduate Student: Justin Classen
  • Graduate Student: Isaac Curtis

Awardees for 2011:

  • Faculty: Rob Ruck
  • Faculty: Rebecca Shumway

Awardees for 2010:

  • Faculty: Pinar Emiralioglu
  • Graduate Student: Ahmet Izmirlioglu

Awardees for 2009:

  • Faculty: Martha Chaiklin
  • Graduate Student: Titas Chakraborty