World-Historical Gazetteer



In May of 2017, Ruth Mostern was awarded a research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to build a World-Historical Gazetteer (WHG).  The goal of the project is to create content, standards and the digital infrastructure for a gazetteer that covers the entire globe. The project has two parts. The first is a spatially and temporally comprehensive index of significant world historical place names (the Spine). The second is a linked data ecosystem, standards, and user tools to support collaborative digital and data-driven historical scholarship at the global scale (the Ecosystem).

World historians engage in research that is focused upon cross-regional exchanges, connections, and comparisons. The project is attuned to the particular intellectual aspirations of world history and the humanistic fields allied with it. We are developing a system that assists quantitative and empirical historical reasoning at the global scale.

The work covers a three year time period with distinct phases for development and integration. Ruth Mostern is the project P.I. with Karl Grossner as the Technical Director and David Ruvolo serving as the Project Manager.  At the conclusion of the grant funded portion of the project, the WHG will be fully supported and maintained both technically and administratively through support from various departments within the University of Pittsburgh including the World History Center, the Department of History, the School of Computer and Information Sciences, and the University Library System. 

To learn more about the World-Historical Gazetter, please visit the WHG page.