WHC Graduate Student Assistants

The World History Center funds a three-term Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) position in Public History each academic year.  The program is open to any Pitt graduate student with an interest in world history and creating a public-facing project with the goal of communicating with a non-academic audience about a topic in the transregional or global past. We take the term public history broadly.  We require only that projects target audiences that extend beyond undergraduate majors or scholars in one particular discipline or field.

For specific information about upcoming GSA calls for proposals, see below. 


Summer 2018 GSA Andréa Hanna

Andréa's project explores how European Catholic relics, ex/im-ported to America, helped re-construct the identity of Troy Hill’s Germanic, Catholic, immigrant community in the 19th century.  She delivered a public lecture on her research on August 27th, 2018 at St. Anthony's Chapel in Troy Hill.  Here is a link to the lecture event page with an abstract.   

Andréa is currently editing a video of her public lecture to the Troy Hill Historical Society along with recorded oral histories collected from members.  We plan on posting the video to the WHC website once it is completed.  Here project report is available here.      

Spring 2018 GSAs Alex Mountain and Cory Brazile

To start off this new initiative, the WHC offered two terms of the three-term GSA position to run concurrently for the Spring semester of 2018. Two proposals that were similar in scope and topic were chosen by our committee and two graduate students are now serving as dual-GSAs for the WHC. Alex Mountain and Cory Brazile both submitted proposals that focused on local Pittsburgh youth sports in a global context.  Alex's project examines the transformation of ice hockey from a regional sport, popular only in the northern enclaves of North America, to a global, commercial network of teams and players.  Cory's project investigates the impact of the global trends of professionalization in sport on local youth soccer programs.

Alex and Cory have secured a partnership to assist the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum at the Heinz History Center in their current exhibition expansion and some of their work will be integrated into the exhibition on sport in Pittsburgh. Specifically, the interviews they conduct will contribute to the Museum’s current collection of oral histories, and will feature on the Heinz Making History Blog.  The end product of this project is the website City of Champyinz, which showcases the interviews conducted throughout the term.             

Call for proposals - GSA in Public History for Spring 2019

The Pitt World History Center will be offering two Graduate Student Assistantship in Public History for the spring of 2019.  We seek Pitt graduate students in the Dietrich Shool of Arts and Sciences, at any stage of their program, who are eligible for university funding and who are interested in communicating to a non-academic audience about a topic in the transregional or global past.

You can find information on our current call for proposal by clicking here.