Undergraduate Internship Program


The WHC is developing an Undergraduate Internship Program with a focus on training in digital history.  The program began in the Fall of 2017 with our first student intern, Gabi Keane, whose project focused on the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny in India.  Gabi's project (pictured above and below) mapped the geographic references in British newspaper articles to demonstrate the ways conceptions of space and imperialist public opinion shaped one another during the few weeks following the initial rebellion. 

While Gabi was the first, we currently have over half a dozen students enrolled for a new Digital Atlas Design Internship which begins in the Spring of 2018.   Ryan Horne Digital History Postdoctoral Fellow at the WHC is helping launch the program and will lead the efforts in digital training while Ruth Mostern, Director of the WHC, will serve as the primary faculty supervisor.  This internship initiative will permit students to practice digital history, complete digital publications, and perform independent research. As it grows and persists, the initiative will gradually produce a world historical map of engaging projects. A focus on digital history dovetails with initiatives in data science, digital humanities, and related areas campus wide and at the World History Center.