Black Built Pitt

Black Built Pitt is a digital tour that explores and highlights Black historical events at sites around the University of Pittsburgh’s Pittsburgh campus. The project explores how Black internationalism and Black migrations have played out in Pittsburgh as well as how Black contributions to Pittsburgh have helped build a global city. The impact of these events continues to be felt throughout the campus community, the Pittsburgh community, and the world at large. New sites will be added to the Black Built Pitt website on a regular basis starting in February 2022; we welcome your suggestions. We encourage you to visit the physical sites. Go to these places when you get the chance and put yourself in the hearts and minds of the people who made a difference here. 

Black Built Pitt is now live! As of February 2022, the Black Built Pitt team has created three digital exhibits: the 1969 Computer Center Takeover, Kuntu Repertory Theater, and the Afrolatinidad Studies Initiative. Read more and visit the archives here! 

Black Built Pitt is part of the University of Pittsburgh’s Black Lives in Focus initiative to celebrate Black voices and the Black experience in our community. See for more information on this cross-disciplinary initiative and its related events. 

Black Built Pitt was an official WHC working group for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

The future of “Black Built Pitt” is currently being analyzed and reevaluated. The team is in talks with the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to have “Black Built Pitt” become a part of his “Blue, Gold, and Black” digital archive. The team is also considering ways it may be incorporated in the newly rebranded Black Lives in Focus initiative.


Bria Walker, Department of Theater Arts, University of Pittsburgh


Luana Moreira Reis

Courtney Colligan

Megan Massanelli

Black Lives in Focus initiative lead team:

Dr. Sylva Rhor Samaniego (Co-Organizer)

Bria Walker (Co-Organizer)

Jasmine Green (Initiative Associate)

Kit Ayars (Initiative Consultant)

University of Pittsburgh Supporters:

Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences’ Humanities Engage “Administrative Micro-Internship Program”

Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

World History Center

African-American Alumni Council

University of Pittsburgh Library

IT team:

Joslyn Ferguson (lead designer)

Jay Graham

Sandra Brandon