Support for Global Research Initiatives

The WHC casts a wide net in regards to our collaborative partners, both on campus and beyond, that support research and activities related to World History.   

On-Campus Partners

Along with our association with the Department of History, the WHC has maintained close relationships with many of our campus partners both within the Social Sciences and beyond.  The Global Studies Center has been a long-time collaborator on many intiatives and sponsored events through the years along with the University Center for International Studies (UCIS).  The Humanities Center has been a wonderful host for many of our events and workshops, and we have become a recent collaborator with the DHRX, a cross-campus faculty research network.  Longstanding partnerships with the University Library System (ULS) and the School of Computing and Information (SCI) have been integral to past successes in digital research intiatives and will be prominent collaborators on current and future projects.    


Global Research Partners


     The WHC has been a formative partner in establishing the Network of World and Global History Organizations (NOGWHISTO) and continues to support ongoing global research initiatives through this association.  Specific partners within this network that have been directly supported by the WHC are the Asian Association of World History (AAHW) and the African Network in Global History.