Krysta Beam

  • Graduate Student Fellow, 2022-2023

Before joining the History department at the University of Pittsburgh, I first earned a BA from Greenville University in History and Language, Literature, and Culture in 2013. In 2016, I earned an MA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Chapagain in Latin American Studies. Working with the Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de America Central (CIHAC) at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), I have conducted a series of oral history interviews alongside archival research to produce my dissertation  "Transnational Child-Saving and Evangelical Reform in Costa Rica, 1920-1980," which invites readers into the world of twentieth-century fundamentalist Protestant mission with historical questions regarding the role of child-converts both inside and out of the mission's institutions in the spread of Protestantism in Costa Rica.