Welcome New Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital World History, Dr. Nathan Michalewicz

The WHC is thrilled to announce Dr. Nathan Michalewicz will be joining the Center for a two-year term as the Digital World History Postdoctoral Fellow starting in July 2022. Dr. Michalewicz received his Ph.D. from George Mason University in May 2020 with a major field in European history, a minor field in Ottoman history, and an emphasis on the digital humanities.

Dr. Michalewicz’s research focuses on trans-regional and trans-religious interactions between Europe and the Islamic world during the early modern period. His book manuscript, The Ottoman Empire in French Foreign Policy, 1547-1610, explores France’s alliance with the Ottoman Empire to elucidate how Christians and Muslims overcame religious differences to cooperate socially, politically, and militarily. Dr. Michalewicz is the author of numerous digital projects, including Mapping French Diplomacy, a digital project that analyzes France’s diplomatic geography from 1494 to 1715 by mapping all the letters from French rulers to foreign correspondents.

Dr. Michalewicz will use his extensive research and teaching experience in digital history and methods to serve as the lead instructor of the Center’s undergraduate Digital Atlas Design Internship and to contribute to projects at the Center such as the World Historical Gazetteer Project. Dr. Michalewicz will also hold regular office hours starting in the fall 2022 semester to assist faculty and students with interested in incorporating digital methods into their own research and teaching.

In his free time, Dr. Michalewicz likes to run, watch football, and play soccer with his two sons. Welcome to the World History Center, Nathan!

An image from Dr. Michalewicz's digital project, Mapping French Diplomacy