Spring 2023 Digital Atlas Design Projects are Published!

Undergraduate interns have completed their final projects for the spring 2023 Digital Design Atlas Internship! Throughout the semester each intern performed historical research on a topic having to do with the global past and created their own atlas, a spatial database about that topic. Interns then combined writing, images, narrative, georeferenced historical maps, and interactive authored maps to tell a story about their topic using ArcGIS StoryMaps. Check out the spring 2023 projects below! For more about the Digital Atlas Design Internship, visit our education page and browse past projects here!

We're recently added search filters to our growing number of student projects in our Digital Atlas Design Project Gallery. Use region, time, and semester to search through our 73 student projects!

The Collapse of Pittsburgh Steel: A spatial analysis of the steel industry collapse in Pittsburgh and its effects by Andrew Schwab


The Politics of Escalation: Motivations for American Military Escalation During the Vietnam War by Tai Shanahan


From War to Life: How the Korean Peninsula was Shaped Socially and Environmentally by a Forgotten Conflict by Thomas Plazek


Amazon Deforestation: A Regional Conservation Case Study: GIS analysis of select strictly protected areas supported by the Amazon Region Protected Areas Program (ARPA) by Liam Oberst


Perceptions of Chernobyl: Outcomes of the disaster and concluding public opinion by Emma Lardear


A History of Pittsburgh's Queer Spaces: 1965-1989 by Silas Switzer

US Military Construction During the Vietnam War: An Analysis of the US Infrastructure Development in the Context of the Conflict by Max Ehrlich


Environmental Change and the Development of Pirate Niches: How environmental and climate histories can be used to understand the migration of the English pirate tradition across the Atlantic by Lillian Taylor


A History of Maize: The crop that defined the Americas by Brandon Torres