Spring 2022 Digital Atlas Design Projects are Published!

Undergraduate interns have completed their final projects for the spring 2022 Digital Design Atlas Internship taught by WHC Digital History Postdoc Susan Grunewald and WHC Director Ruth Mostern! Throughout the semester each intern performed historical research on a topic having to do with the global past and created their own atlas, a spatial database about that topic. Interns then combined writing, images, narrative, georeferenced historical maps, and interactive authored maps to tell a story about their topic using ArcGIS StoryMaps. Check out the spring 2022 projects below! For more about the Digital Atlas Design Internship, visit our education page and browse past projects here.

We're recently added search filters to our growing number of student projects in our Digital Atlas Design Project Gallery. Use region, time, and semester to search through our 62 student projects!

 Resurgence of Territorial Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Era by Maria Bordonaro 

 Comparative European Migration: 1933-1947 by Christopher Catullo

 Freedom At a Cost: The Spanish influence on the enslavement of African people in the mid to late 18th century in  North America by Julia Koehl


 The Golden Age of the Wakō: How the Jiajing Raids Came to Define a People by Adel Mansour

 The Blackfoot Confederacy & Glacier National Park: Legacies of Settler Colonialism Along the US-Canada Border by Faith Ruck