Register for the Spring 2022 Digital Atlas Design Internship

The application is now open for the Digital Atlas Design Internship for undergraduate students for the spring 2022 term. The course, taught by World History Center postdoctoral fellow Dr. Susan Grunewald and WHC Director Dr. Ruth Mostern, is designed for students interested in performing historical research on a global scale and learning more about digital tools. Each student, guided by experts at the World History Center and Pitt faculty, will use digital tools such as ArcGIS, QGIS and ESRI StoryMap to blend writing, images, narrative, and georeferenced historical maps to create a project about some phenomenon or event in the global or transregional past. The internship supports student research and expands student skills including web based design and project management. Completed projects can be included on resumés and in portfolios. 

For more information check out this presentation about the course

View sample syllabus here

Fill out the application form by October 25, 2021 for guaranteed review of applications for the spring 2022 internship. 

Image from "Britain's Informal Empire in the Gulf, 1822-1914" by 2021 intern Lawson Pace. Read more about Lawson's project here!