A Month of GIS Day Activities Planned in November

In celebration of GIS Day on November 18, scholars from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are planning a month of GIS related events including a scavenger hunt, GIS trivia, career development workshops, and research exhibits. For more information and to participate, check out the GIS Day website

The World History Center's Digital History Postdoctoral Fellow, Susan Grunewald, will be hosting a Hackathon that will introduce participants to a variety of digital skills related to geography and mapping. Participants will learn how to perform a basic analysis of a textual newspaper corpus. They will also learn how to build a gazetteer of place names, geocode the coordinates for those places (that is find the latitude and longitudes), and make basic maps in ESRI’s free online mapping portal ArcGIS online. ArcGIS is geographic information system (GIS) software that is used to make a wide variety of map-based visualizations and analyses. Come work on a project for American history and learn valuable skills in the process in a friendly, collaborative environment. Register Now!