March 2021 Issue of the Journal of World–Systems Research: Capitalist World-Economy in Crisis

The March 2021 issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research (JWSR) features a timely symposium titled "Capitalist World-Economy in Crisis: Policing, Pacification, and Legitimacy."  The issue's focus is "on the various modalities of policing to secure, maintain, and reproduce existing racialized class structures at this moment of world- systemic crisis." Articles from this issue use a world historical perspective to address the relationship between policing and capital accumulation and, in particular, how policing manages a global working class structured along racial and gendered lines.

The JWSR is a peer reviewed, open access journal published by the University of Pittsburgh's Library System. In 2018, the World History Center based Journal of World Historical Information (JWHI), which published articles and reviews of datasets between 2013 and 2017, merged with the larger and more established JWSR. Former Center Director Patrick Manning and current WHC Director Ruth Mostern both sit on the editorial board of the JWSR.

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