Mapping Loss in the Anthropocene Workshop Announced


We are happy to announce the World History Center is collaborating with the Global Studies Center to host "Mapping Loss in the Anthropocene," a series designed to create a space for people to engage with their world through digital mapping and art. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on human-driven climate change and to create maps and art that capture or express their relationships to the natural world while building digital and artistic skills. This workshop can be done entirely asynchronously. To register visit:

Through a series of virtual tutorials, participants will learn how to create a digital exhibit using ArcGIS StoryMaps as well as a Crankie art project, a kinetic sculpture powered by a simple crank slider mechanism. Thoughtful reflection, immersion in the natural world, and historic archives will give participants the elements to populate their StoryMaps and Crankie creations.

See the flyer for more details! 

We will begin these activities with an optional outdoors and socially distant "drifting" event in Schenley Park this Sunday November 8 at 2 PM.