Funding Opportunity for History Graduate Students

The World History Center is happy to announce a $1,000 funding opportunity for one Pitt History Department graduate student to present at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the World History Association in Bilbao, Spain in June 2022. By “present” we mean participating in any scheduled conference activity: a Panel Session, Roundtable Session, Workshop Session, or Innovative Session. The grant is intended to subsidize travel and registration costs.

Final submissions for the WHA Annual Meeting are due on January 15, 2022. By January 18, please submit to

  • A copy of the proposal submitted to the WHA
  • A screenshot or email receipt from the WHA reflecting proof of submission
  • A 250-word statement explaining how participating at the WHA Annual Meeting will support your professional development
  • A copy of your CV

WHC funding is contingent upon acceptance of your proposal by the WHA Program Committee. All travel expenses must be preapproved by WHC staff and comply with the Dietrich School’s guidelines for health and safety.