Fall 2020 Digital Atlas Design Projects are Published

Undergraduate interns have completed their final projects for the Fall 2020 Digital Design Atlas Internship taught by WHC Digital History Postdoc Susan Grunewald! Throughout the semester each intern performed historical research on a topic having to do with the global past and created their own atlas, a spatial database about that topic. Interns then combined writing, images, narrative, georeferenced historical maps, and interactive authored maps to tell a story about their topic using ArcGIS StoryMaps. Check out the Fall 2020 projects below! For more about the Digital Atlas Design Internship, visit our education page and see past projects here

 The Rise and Fall of the "Kyakhta System" by Peter Busscher

 Exodus from St. Domingue by Justin Jones

 Roman Temples across the Empire by Nicholas Koussis

 Balkan Border Changes 19th Century to Present Robby Merkov

 Railroads and Coalfields in Europe by Phoebe Romano

 The Silent Death by Rachel Walker