Fall 2018 Graduate Student Travel Funding Call for Proposals


The World History Center is happy to announce a call for proposals from graduate students at Pitt for funding to be used for travel related expenses incurred during the 2018-19 academic year.  The WHC earmarks up to $2000 each term for graduate students to be used for attending conferences or performing research.  Field of study is open; the applicant need only demonstrate that the proposed activity contributes to insight about the human past at the transregional or global scale.

The requests are competitive and distributed as follows: up to $500 for a research or conference trip in the eastern US, up to $1000 for a research or conference trip elsewhere in North America, and up to $1500 for a research or conference trip outside of North America.

The application consists of a one-page letter and a CV (including an indication of the applicant’s faculty advisor). The letter of application should include the following:

  • your objective for attending, with attention to explaining how participation in the proposed activity will contribute to the world-historical aspect of your larger research agenda
  • a budget statement that clearly enumerates all transportation, lodging, meeting registration and other costs of the proposed trip (whether or not the total costs exceed the maximum award amount). 
  • pertinent details about the proposed activity (for instance, a link to a conference program, the names of institutions or individuals that you will be working with, or title and topic of papers that you will be presenting)

Please make every effort to economize and be aware that the WHC may not fund your entire proposed budget.  Awardees are expected to write a one-paragraph report about their funded activity within two weeks of its conclusion.


The Fall 2018 deadline for applications is October 26th, 2018.  Funding will be announced by November 9th.  Please submit applications electronically to whc@pitt.edu.