Announcing World History Center founder Dr. Patrick Manning’s new personal website!

Check out Dr. Patrick Manning’s new personal website here:

Dr. Manning is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History, Emeritus, at the University of Pittsburgh and former president of the American Historical Association (AHA). He founded the World History Center and served as the director from 2008-2015. An eminent scholar of the economic history of African and world history, Dr. Manning has been working at the intersections of global history, human migration patterns, and community life for nearly six decades. More recently, Dr. Manning has focused on theorizing human history, including early social evolution, institutional change through social groups and networks, the history of science and knowledge, and on today’s inequality, environmental destruction, and popular social movements.

On Dr. Manning’s website, visitors can explore research topics including world history of science since 1000 CE; global historical datasets; the African Diaspora; migration history; African population and slavery since 1650; and economic and social history of modern Africa. Users will also find featured works about social institutions, methods for human history, and the evolution of the human system. The website also features downloadable curriculum and video lectures. Dr. Manning’s blog explores contemporary topics including insights on the global Covid-19 crisis.     

Kudos to Dr. Manning on an exciting platform to showcase his many important contributions to the field of world history!