Announcing a new Washington Post “Made by History” OpEd by Associate Director Molly Warsh

In a timely OpEd for the Washington Post, "What's missing in the conversation about the pandemic gig economy," World History Center Associate Director Dr. Molly Warsh offers a world historical perspective on the prominence of impermanent labor throughout history. Just as impermanent labor has shaped the past, says Warsh, the rise of temporary laborers during the covid-19 crisis will shape the future. The stories and experiences of these individual workers, and the ways that their labor interacted with larger economic and political systems, will be crucial in understanding the human and economic impact of the pandemic.    

Read Molly Warsh's OpEd here! 

Molly A. Warsh is the Associate Director and Head of Educational Outreach at the World History Center and an Associate Professor of history at Pitt. Molly is the author of American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492-1700 (Omohundro Institute/University of North Carolina Press, 2018).