Mapping Religious Pittsburgh

Mapping Religious Pittsburgh has been confirmed as an official WHC Working Group for the 2018-19 academic year.  The goal of this project is to create an online exhibition that will highlight, map, and analyze sites and objects related to religious life in the Pittsburgh region and that will also build a repository of data of such sites and objects. This project will also contextualize local religious sites and objects within the global forces that produced and transformed religious communities in Pittsburgh. 

The group will meet regularly in the Center throughout the year and host a workshop on November 2nd with Dr. Rachel Lindsey from St. Louis University that will showcase her work on the religious life and practices in St. Louis.

Members of Mapping Religious Pittsburgh include:

Ben Gordon, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Rosenberg-Perlow Fellow of 
Classical Judaism
Rachel Kranson, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Other Members: 
Aaron Brenner, Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship and Creation
Andrea Hanna, Ph.D. candidate in Communications
Ryan Horne, Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital History
Paula Kane, Professor and Marous Chair of Contemporary Catholic Studies
Adam Shear, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of Religious Studies