Hot Topics in World History

Hot Topics in World History: 

A one-day professional development workshop for world history teachers


The workshop will take place on June 26th from 9-5pm at the University of Pittsburgh’s Oakland campus. 

The workshop is sponsored by the Alliance for Learning in World History, based at the Pitt World History Center, and organized by Prof. Molly Warsh, Associate Director of the World History Center and Associate Professor in the Department of History at Pitt.

Participants will also take part in two additional virtual meet-ups. The first will take place the week before the workshop and will have teachers present a world history assignment, curriculum, or syllabus and discuss how they’d like to see their approach evolve.The second meet-up will take place in early August. Teachers will present a new assignment or change that they worked on as a result of participating in the workshop. The assignments/changes will be uploaded and shared with all participants in advance to facilitate the conversation.

TO APPLY: Fill out the web form below.  Application materials should be submitted online by May 1, 2019 at TBA.  Applicants should include a 500 word statement about why they want to participate in this workshop and what they hope to learn or rethink as a result. They should also submit a current resumé and a sample world history assignment, curriculum, or syllabus that they want to work on as a part of their participation in the program. Teacher participants will receive $150 stipend.  

QUESTIONS: All questions should be directed to Molly Warsh, Associate Director, World History Center, at


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