World History Center Lunch Series: Hosting Events for Troubled Times

January 22, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


The World History Center is hosting an informal luncheon discussion on Tuesday, January 22nd at 12:00 noon to explore two interrelated challenges concerning the sponsorship of speakers and events. The first challenge is to ensure that every event or speaker is impactful. Campus events cost time, money, carbon, and other resources. How can they attract involved and engaged constituencies? What formats best support improved teaching, research, collaboration, joy, and imagination? 

The second challenge is to ensure that events are ethically and politically meaningful.  What kinds of events reflect the urgency of life in the present, in a world, nation and institution fractured by inequality, disaster, and precarity? How can academic events make matters better? Although a one-hour lunch cannot solve these problems, we hope that it will allow a group of smart and creative stakeholders to outline the issues and identify next steps.

Lunch will be provided, so please rsvp to by 1/20 and notify us of any dietary restrictions. 


Location and Address


3900 Posvar Hall