Globalizing World History

August 24, 2018 (All day) to August 25, 2018 (All day)

A symposium sponsored by the World History Center and organized by graduate students in the Department of History, Globalizing World History will bring together local faculty, regional graduate students, and world historians, into conversation about the trajectory of world history across borders and disciplines. This two-day symposium will feature a graduate student masterclass on mapping and the World-Historical Gazetteer project well as a series of interactive roundtables with our four keynote speakers working on world history outside the United States and Pittsburgh-area faculty. 


Mariana Candido

Notre Dame University
Armando Garcia de la Torre
University of West Indies, St. Augustine
Kazuo Kobayashi
Osaka Sangyo University
Filipa Riberio da Silva

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As world history has grown as a field and methodology since the 1980s, its practitioners and most vocal advocates have attempted to provincialize and connect the histories of Europe and North America to global and transnational narratives and frames of analysis. Despite calling for research and teaching that adopts a world-historical perspective, many of the field’s most prominent practitioners and centers of study remain geographically located and institutionally dependent upon North American universities and departments of history. Where and how is world history emerging as a field in universities outside the United States? As an intellectual or practical project how does world history differ significantly depending on academic, geographic, and institutional context? Globalizing World History seeks to address these questions by looking at the field of world history through a global and interdisciplinary lens. 


Location and Address

Humanties Center 

6th floor of the Cathedral of Learning