Alliance for Learning in World History

The Alliance for Learning in World History (ALWH) is a collaboration between educators and history scholars who seek to advance the teaching and learning of world history in classrooms in the U.S. and around the world.  The Alliance sponsors yearly professional development programs that link leading practitioners in world history scholarship, curriculum, teacher preparation, professional development, and educational research.  The ALWH was previously funded by the Social Science Research Council and the British Council and now draws on support from Columbia University and the World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh. 

The Alliance is anchored at the University of Pittsburgh and serves as one of the primary education initiatives pursued by the WHC.  Molly Warsh, Associate Director of the WHC and Head of Educational Outreach, serves as the Steering Committee Chair and primary contact for the ALWH.  

Professional Development Opportunities

On June 26th, 2019, the Alliance hosted a one-day professional workshop for world history teachers titled "Hot Topics in World History". Featuring sessions on teaching with comics (led by Prof. Trevor Getz, San Francisco State University), maps in the world history classroom (led by Prof. Ruth Mostern, University of Pittsburgh) and games in the world history classroom (led by Dr. Bennett Sherry, University of Pittsburgh), the event drew teachers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia.

The next professional development workshop is planned for June 30th of 2020 at the University of Pittsburgh. The day-long event will focus on Teaching the Global African Diaspora with the following featured speakers:

  • Dr. Kia Caldwell (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Dr. Yolanda Covington-Ward (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Dr. Mari Webel (University of Pittsburgh)

An application webform will go live during the first full week of January.  Applications are due by April 1st. Contact Molly Warsh at with any questions in the meantime.  

Teaching World History Resources

The ALWH compiles materials that are useful to teachers of World History through workshops and submissions from both college faculty and K-12 teachers.  Access to these materials are by request.  If you would like to view and download these materials, please send an email to Molly Warsh at  Include information about yourself and why you're interested in the World History pedagogical material. 

If you have already received access to the material, click here to be taken to the resources page.