Alliance for Learning in World History

The Alliance for Learning in World History (ALWH) is a collaboration of educators and history scholars organized to advance the teaching and learning of world history in classrooms—in the U.S. and in every part of the world.  ALWH links leading practitioners in world history scholarship, curriculum, teacher preparation, professional development, and educational research.  ALWH was previously funded by the Social Science Research Council and the British Council. 

The Alliance is anchored at the University of Pittsburgh and serves as one of the primary education initiatives pursued by the WHC.  Molly Warsh, Associate Director of the WHC, serves as the Steering Committee Chair and primary contact for the ALWH.  

On June 26th, 2019 ALWH will host a one-day professional workshop for world history teachers titled "Hot Topics in World History"  More information and application instructions can be found here.