Research Emphases

World–Historical Dataverse

This is the Pitt-based segment of the Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis (CHIA), a multi-institutional project to create a world-historical data resource. The World-Historical Dataverse, founded in 2008 at Pitt, gave rise to CHIA in 2011 and continues as the most active segment of this expanding project. The World-Historical Dataverse currently has funding from the National Science Foundation, the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, and the University Library System. More>

World History of Science

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a substantial grant to the World History Center, in association with the University of Pittsburgh Press and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, for conferences and publications in history of science. After a 2012 conference on Linnaean Worlds, the 2014 conference will focus on the Life Sciences after World War II. The 2015 conference Found in Translation, will address Islamic, Latin, Hebrew, Chinese, South Asian, Eurasian and American scientific endeavors, circa 1200-1600 CE.

Empires in World History

The World History Center, in collaboration with the Graduate Program in History, provides support and documentation for the "Empires in World History" transnationall theme in graduate studies. 

Research and Travel Awards

Graduate Travel Awards

Each academic year the World History Center provides four Graduate Travel Awards of $250. These awards support graduate students in any Pitt department for travel to a professional meeting. The applicant is to demonstrate that participating in the meeting is a contribution to world-historical study. Applications may be submitted at any time to Awards are selected at World History Center Awards Committee meetings in November and March. More>

Research Awards

Each year the Center awards small research fellowships for study in World History to one faculty member and one graduate student. Applications are due March 15, 2016.

Awardees for 2015:

Faculty: Pernille Roege

Graduate Student: Alexandra Mountain

Awardees for 2014:

          Faculty: Melanie Hughes and Jackie Smith (joint proposal)

          Graduate Student: John Galante

Awardees for 2013:

Faculty: Peter Karsten
Graduate Student: Andrew Behrendt
Graduate Student: Katie Parker
Graduate Student: Yevan Terrien

Awardees for 2012:

Graduate Student: Justin Classen
Graduate Student: Isaac Curtis

Awardees for 2011:

Faculty: Rob Ruck

Faculty: Rebecca Shumway

Awardees for 2010:

Faculty: Pinar Emiralioglu

Graduate Student: Ahmet Izmirlioglu

Awardees for 2009:

Faculty: Martha Chaiklin

Graduate Student: Titas Chakraborty


The World History Center and the University of Pittsburgh hold ample resources for research in world history. At the Center itself, users will find key recent research monographs, syntheses, and major journals as well as the Teaching Resource Library (textbooks and curriculum guides) and the Resource Archive (paper and electronic records on world history research, teaching, professional development, and institutional development).
In addition, the university maintains the resources of the University Center for International Studies, housing five regional centers plus the Global Studies Center. The University Library System provides an outstanding collection of print and especially electronic resources addressing a wide range of issues in world history.


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