The World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh emphasizes research, teaching, and international collaboration on the global past, with attention to policies for the global future. The center, directed by Patrick Manning, is located in the Department of History and is affiliated with the Global Studies Center and the University Center for International Studies.


Calendar of Events, 2014-2015 more>



Diego Holstein new book "Thinking History Globally" is to be released November 5, 2014. more>




Patrick Manning has been elected President of the American Historical Association.  more>


Alliance for Learning in World History

The Alliance, based at Pitt and UCLA, is now open for consultation on world history at the secondary level. more>

New Award! World-Historical Gazetteer

On March 27, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced an award to the World History Center and CHIA for an August 2014 international conference on designing a world-historical gazetteer.

Collaborative for Historical Information
and Analysis CHIA)

National Science Foundation provides support for year two of the
Center-sponsored project to construct a world-historical dataset.