The World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh emphasizes research, teaching, and international collaboration on the global past, with attention to policies for the global future. The center, directed by Patrick Manning, is located in the Department of History and is affiliated with the Global Studies Center and the University Center for International Studies.


"Found in Translation" conference, October 9-11

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First PhD awarded in the World History theme at Pitt.

Ahmet Izmirlioglu defended, on April 8, his dissertation, "Clashes of Imperial Authority: Commercial Tribunals in the Ottoman Provinces and Istanbul, 1847-1880." This study of Tanzimat, the program of Ottoman imperial reform, analyzes local and local-center interactions as an important element of the overall imperial system, helping to explain the weakening of imperial relations




Dissertation in European History and World History.

Madalina Veres defended her dissertation, “Constructing Imperial Spaces: Habsburg Cartography in the Age of Enlightenment,” on April 24. Dr. Veres has analyzed imperial map-making in multiple provinces of the Habsburg monarchy, showing the place of cartography in Enlightenment-era statecraft and scientific advance. more>


Calendar of Events, 2015-2016 more>



Announcing the inaugural issue of The Medieval Globe, edited by Monica H. Green. This double issue, “Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death,” draws on the work of Dr. Green as World History Center Visiting Scholar during 2013-2014. more>



Diego Holstein's new book "Thinking History Globally" was released November 5, 2014. more>