University Affiliation

Details of our collaborations with these affiliates may be found under Programs of Study, Research, and Events.

Department of History

Department of History

The World History Center is set within the Department of History at the University of Pittsburgh, and works closely with all aspects of the department program.

Global Studies

Global Studies

The Center is affiliated with the Global Studies Center, including its undergraduate and graduate programs and its outreach activities. In common, the Center and Global Studies emphasize historical aspects of global studies.



The University Center for International Studies encompasses three federally funded National Resource Centers: the Center for Latin American Studies Center, the Center for Russian and East European Studies and the Global Studies Center. The Center is also affiliated with the Asian Studies Center and European Studies Center, European Union Center of Excellence

The World History Center links global and regional studies through collaboration with these centers, and also with the Program in African Studies.


National Collaboration


Curriculum Organizations

The World History Center works with these and other organizations on history curriculum.

World Wide Collaboration


Network of Global and World History Organizations

This organization facilitates global discussion among world historians. The Network of Global and World History Organizations (NOGWHISTO) formed at an international meeting in Dresden, July 2, 2008. At it, representatives from organizations devoted to global and world history formed a network that will create a global discourse on large-scale history, uniting historians from around the world. NOGWHISTO has been admitted to the International Committee of Historical Sciences (CISH, the UNESCO-affiliated world organization of historians) as an affiliate focused on world and global history. The constituent organizations of NOGWHISTO are:

Regional Centers in World History

Research centers for world history have begun to form on several continents

Global Studies Consortium

The World History Center and Global Studies Center at Pitt are jointly affiliated with the Global Studies Consortium, in which programs at over 30 major universities collaborate to build interdisciplinary graduate degree programs in global studies.

Global Studies Centers

These multidisciplinary centers explore global change and policy issues. The Center seeks to partner with them in exploring the history of global change.