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The Center addresses our era's central need for global historical analysis. It draws on Pitt's tradition of international and interdisciplinary studies.

Founded in 2008, the World History Center contributes to the establishment of solid institutions to support study of world history. It draws on the Pitt History Department’s long tradition of leadership in social history and reaches in new directions. The Center is active in facilitating collaborative research in world history (notably the World-Historical Dataverse) and in building international institutions in world history (especially the foundation of NOGWHISTO and its affiliates in southern continents). In its current stage, the Center focuses especially on development of graduate study in world history, both through a collaborative annual World History Dissertation Workshop and through the development of doctoral specialization in world history linked to other aspects of the History Ph.D. at Pitt.


Founder and First Director

Patrick Manning
Andrew Mellon Professor of World History
3904 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-648-7478 (History)
e-mail: pmanning@pitt.edu


World History Faculty

Diego Holstein
Associate Professor of History

Interim Director of WHC
3900 Posvar Hall
Phone: 412-648-7295
e-mail: holstein@pitt.edu

Molly A. Warsh

Assistant Professor of World History

Interim Associate Director
3902 Posvar Hall

Phone 412-648-7435
e-mail: warsh@pitt.edu



Faculty Associates

Michael Lovorn

Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

5109 Posvar Hall

Phone 412-624-7229

e-mail: mlovorn@pitt.edu



Ashley Woodson

Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education

5104 Posvar Hall

Phone 412-648-7329

e-mail: anw@pitt.ed


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, consisting
of University of Pittsburgh faculty
members, reviews the programs,
appointments, and budgets of the center.

Advisory Board Members

Michael Goodhart (Political Science)

Diego Holstein (History)

Molly Warsh (History)

Lara Putnam (History)

Gregor Thum (History)

John Stoner (History)

Raja Adal (History)

Mohammed Bamyeh (Sociology)

Ashley Woodson (Education)

WHC Bylaws (Revised as of November 23, 2016)

Research Project Manager, CHIA Project

Managing Editor, Journal of World- Historical Information

David Ruvolo
3900 Posvar Hall
Phone: 412-624-8726
e-mail: dar133@pitt.edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Annual Report

2015 Annual Report (coming soon)

2014 Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report


Awards Committee

Alison Langmead (History of Art and Architecture)
Molly Warsh (History)
Katja Wezel (History)