The World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh emphasizes research, teaching, and international collaboration on the global past, with attention to policies for the global future. The center, led by Interim Director Diego Holstein, is located in the Department of History and is affiliated with the Global Studies Center and the University Center for International Studies.


Calendar of Events, 2015-2016



Symposium in Honor of Patrick Manning

Video of event

March 31, 2016 3:00 - 5:00 pm with reception to follow WPU Lower Lounge

;                     Invited Speakers:

                      Yinghong Cheng, Professor of History, Delaware State University

                      Nancy Condee, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures and

                      Director, Global Studies Center, University of Pittsburgh

                      Michael Gomez, Professor of History and Middle Eastern and Islamic

                      Studies, New York University

                      Heather Streets-Salter, Associate Professor and Chair, Department

                      of History, Northeastern University

World History Seminar

Six lectures by Patrick Manning

1. Synthesis of the Human Past (September 16)

    Slides of the lecture

                          Video of the lecture

                      2. Language and History (September 30)

                          Lecture video with slides

                      3. Africans on the World Stage: a Critique of World

                          Historiography (October 28)

                          Slides of the lecture

                          Video of the lecture

                      4. Inequality (November 11)

                          Lecture video with slides

                      5. African Population, 1650 to the present  (February 24)

                          Lecture video with slides

                      6. UNESCO and Global Organization of Knowledge (March 23)

                          Lecture video with slides

Graduate study in World History

Applications for admission due December 15, 2015


Undergraduate study in World History


World History in French- and German-language books. Bibliography by Rachel Peters (BA 2015)